Why We Do It

The more you get to know the founders, the more you understand why Cc: My Admin is different and why they are considered an ambassador for Small Businesses.

Not only did they grow up in homes of small business owners, they started Cc: My Admin with the design that truly allows small business to THRIVE!



If we wouldn’t pay for it, we won’t charge it!

We believe that small business are over charged and under serviced. We base our pricing off of bringing the most value at the most reasonable cost. We will not quote a price that we would not pay for if we were sitting in the decision makers seat.



Blocks of hours don’t make sense for small business.

Cash flow is vital to any small business. We don’t require you to tie up your cash for work that is not completed. We bill you after the work is completed. This frees up your valuable cash and allows you to experience the efficiency of a virtual assistant and reap the benefits before having to pay.


Virtual Solution

Virtual is not always the answer, but it is a solution.

We are not trying to replace or advocate for making your entire operations virtual. However, we find that some roles are more efficient and productive if they are virtual. With a virtual assistant you can become more nimble, have on demand assistance and save money by only paying for hours worked.