“Who Are You Again?” Dealing with Social Media Stress

Have you ever experienced that moment where you see someone that you know out and about, maybe in a place that you weren’t quite expecting them, and maybe it’s been a while and you’re excited to be out and to run into them, since, you know, it’s been a while, but you always thought they were pretty cool and how funny that they should be here and you can’t just not say something so you go up and say hi and…


Blank stare.


Awkward. Super awkward.


And then you re-introduce yourself and they put it together and you have a nice chat. But you know that they couldn’t care less about you and that, even worse, it will probably be even more of a blunder when you run into them. You try to laugh it off but the truth is that it’s socially strange and just plain hard to recover from.


Now, think about the folks who follow your business on social media. Has it been awhile? Is often quite a while between your posts? Any similarities between that clumsy meeting in real life and how your followers might feel when a random post shows up from you every week or (yikes) once a month? “Wait, what is that business again? Not quite sure… oh well, on to the next post.”


It’s not exactly a social media strategy that’s going to keep the phone ringing.

It’s hard to keep up with the pace of social media when you are talking business. Which channels should you be on? How often should you post on Facebook, Linked In, or Pinterest? Should I do a blog? And why on earth do my reports show that only a few people saw the work I did?


It’s so overwhelming, but here are a few tips to help you overcome it:


  1. Figure out where your customers are. Teenagers? Consider YouTube. Looking for where the moms are? Head to Facebook and Pinterest.  Just like you wouldn’t set up your organic, locally-grown farm stand on the side of the interstate, you don’t want to waste your social media efforts on a market that’s never going to really love what you have to offer.
  2. Make quality content. Sure, you want to be out there and post often, but you also want to be remembered! Be the person who adds to the conversation at the party, not the one who flits from group to group, only adding meaningless chatter.
  3. Think about others. Make the conversation about the client or customer, not you! Back to the party analogy–who do you want to hang out with more–the guy who asks you about how your life is going, or the one who’s droning on incessantly about the latest piece of tech he just bought or how great he is. Yes, you want to highlight what you can do, but there’s a way to do it respectfully.
  4. Schedule time to do it. This one will take some work on your part, because you are going to need to focus. But if you’re struggling with social media, you probably already know that it takes time, which is why you aren’t doing it that often. Block out time to do it, and stay focused while you work.
  5. Outsource it. This is one of the highest demands we have for virtual assistants right now–business owners who realize how huge this job is, who just don’t want to deal with it compared to the other pressing matters of their businesses, are calling us and asking for help. Think about it–there are people out there who LOVE social media and are good at it! These are the virtual assistant who can take a burden off you and keep you looking great online, while you’re out in the hustle.

It is our hope that you, in real life, never experience that awkward conversation where someone has forgotten you and has to scramble to come up with your name. But, as a company who is here for small businesses, we really, really, hope that no one on the other end of the screen is wondering who you are after a prolonged absence from social media. May these tips take you from “Wait, who are you?” to “So glad to see you all the time!”




Ready to outsource your social media? Need blog or website content, help with postings, ads, or design work to establish your presence online? We have virtual assistants who can help. Call us at +1 (916) 756-5439 or contact us here and make your social media game stronger than ever.

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