What If You Actually Like It?

I almost didn’t get in the pool that day.


(I almost missed out.)


Earlier this summer, I did something I’ve never done before. I donned a swim cap and goggles, and began swimming with the masters swim team at our neighborhood pool.


Now, here’s the crazy part: I didn’t know how to swim! I have never enjoyed the water and always preferred to sit nearby and chat or read, if given the option. My swimming skill level just two months ago was somewhere on the lines of “Can Keep Self Alive in Water But Just Barely.” The first night I showed up to practice I very nearly turned around and got back in the car before the team even started. Here I was, trying to kick, pull, and breathe alongside former collegiate swimmers and others who were so much further along than I was.


Yet over time, as I have worked and done drills and blown bubbles and splashed my feet, I have slowly started to get it. I’ve still got a long way to go. Butterfly and breaststroke may always elude me, but I can now do a semi-decent freestyle and I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come.


And the best thing? The most truly surprising thing? I really, really, like it! I didn’t expect to it to be so fun, so challenging, so refreshing to learn this new skill.


Which brings up some questions:


What are we avoiding in our businesses that we might end up really, really liking?


What scares us, but offers incredible benefits if we would just try it out?


What’s the one thing that we are avoiding that might change everything… if only we could work up the courage to give it a shot?


Outsourcing can be terrifying to a driven, capable small business owner. And yet the benefits of outsourcing are clear. You can read about them here.


And here.


And here.


And yet, we hesitate to do it. We don’t think we have the money (even though outsourcing tasks like administrative tasks and social media reap major benefits). We think no one else can do it (even though deep down we know bookkeeping isn’t our true gift). We don’t trust anyone else with any part of our business (even though we know we are doing things that someone else could do better).


But could I ask you to stand at the edge of the proverbial pool for a minute and think about what life would be like if you tried this new thing, and you actually liked it.


What if you suddenly had a consistent social media presence that you didn’t have to dream up or create the content for? What if your books were orderly despite the fact that you were out networking all week? What if emails got answered and new business pulled in while you were helping existing customers?


What if you actually like it?


We think you will. Our clients will tell you that you will! What if you could say this:


With a growing real estate portfolio, I’ve had less time to give attention to the logistics of my blog and podcast, Simple Passive Cashflow. Cc: MyAdmin Virtual Assistants has exceeded my expectations and has freed up those precious hours and shifting my time to more high leverage activities such as networking and deal analysis. I would recommend Cc: MyAdmin to any business professional looking to grow their business!

Lane Kawaoka – RealEstate Investing, Hawaii

Or this?

Cc: My Admin has helped me tremendously with my business. I am able to have an admin do specifically what I prefer to be done once I am under contract till closing. Things such as sending emails to clients reminding them to connect utilities, following up with the mortgage company to see if they need anything more from the client or if the appraisal has been done and more, all done in simple time efficient emails on scheduled days. This allows me to focus on calling my sphere and lead generating without wondering if something is done and micromanaging the entire transaction. All at the fraction of the cost I was paying a transaction coordinator. Plus it allows me to pay for specific tasks to be done instead of having an admin that you have to find work for them to do because you are paying them full or part time. My admin has also helped me with putting data into my database and another person helped me with my social media. Its like having an assistant who you can ask to do things when you are busy or they are just better at than you.

Kade Koch – Realtor, Illinois


You can keep doing what you’re doing and get the same thing. Or you can try something new and maybe, just maybe (but probably definitely), you’ll like it. What are you waiting for? Jump in the pool and swim!


(This post was contributed by Lindsay Mast, our Social Media guru, who you will probably never see swimming in the Olympics, but who you can now catch frequently enjoying a dip in the pool.)

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