Three Ways to Make a Richer Virtual Assistant Experience

Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.                           

–Paul J. Meyer

Some Owner-VA teams easily grasp the concept of their work together. In those cases, a quick text, or even an email does the trick to be in sync, on track and feeling connected. Sometimes, though, it can really help to see who is behind the computer to feel connected, trusting and committed to the working relationship.

Here are some essential tools to feel more connected with the team member you are trusting to help in the process of growing your business.


If you haven’t been using Zoom to your everyday advantage – start NOW! It is a great training tool, connection maker and efficient way to engage with your virtual assistant.  If you have not had a face to face Zoom call with your VA yet, try to schedule one in lieu of your next conference call.  (Yes, we do realize this may involve -gasp- getting dressed and perhaps even tidying your work area, but we promise, it is worth it!)

If you feel you and your VA are struggling to connect, offer to have an “in person” Zoom call with them. Very often, putting a face to the name provides a connection emails just can’t compete with. You can also show them the option to screen share for training, so you both can see what expectations are.

Zoom can also be invaluable when you need your VA to work with a third party. A call with that person involved, as well, means everyone is on the same page as you move forward. A little time invested in a couple of Zoom calls at the beginning of your work together can mean a lot more autonomy for both of you moving forward.


This great communication hub can help keep your virtual conversations organized. You can collaborate online just like you would in person, you can bring the right person into the right conversation, and you can easily access any conversation, tool, or file to get your work done fast. It’s an easy way to collaborate and saves you from searching through old emails or texts to find what you need to know. This article tells you everything you need to know about why Slack is a great idea for your growing team.

Accept that the relationship will need to change over time–and that your business will profit from that.

Sorry, there’s no app for this one, but it’s important to note that, just as in any business, needs and, therefore, roles will change over time. This is why the communication and relationship building that can happen by using Zoom and Slack are key.

Think of your virtual assistant relationship as your “Business Leadership 101” class. They will follow, if you lead! The key to that is communicating your needs and letting them know how they are doing. Your well-trained VA will have hands-on, intimate knowledge of how your business is run.

If you communicate what you need and want, they will be the best long-term investment you can make.

When their role needs to change, it’s likely they can adapt and grow into it–if you are willing to give them consistent and honest feedback, good or bad, along the way. (And, on the off-chance that they truly aren’t up to the task, this is where it’s helpful to be working with a Virtual Assistant agency, because they can help you find the VA who can take on the new roles.)

Taking on a Virtual Assistant is a step that will help your business grow, and fast. But it does take a bit of effort to invest in your newest team member. That should be an exciting thing–and technology has made it easier than every. Use these tools and mindsets and you can grow a long-term relationship that will have you wondering “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

If you need help finding your first (or next) VA and getting to know them, we would love to help you make that connection. Get going–and growing–now! Call us at 916-756-5439 or email us, today.

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