This One’s For the Skeptics

“But…it’s virtual. How could the work possibly be as good?”

-Everyone, basically, when they first contemplate the idea of a virtual assistant.


If you’ve spent most of your working life in a place where all the employees were physically together, it might be hard to imagine that virtual culture can work. Do people work as hard when the boss isn’t watching them? Will they do their best if there isn’t constant monitoring? Can you communicate well if you’re not face-to-face?


And yet, time and again, we see VA’s who are well-vetted– for skills, background and integrity–prove to be an invaluable asset.


So, to the skeptics, today we share this testimonial.


If you are an attorney, especially, you’ll want to listen up. But even if you aren’t, this is worth reading.


If you own a business where unexpected things happen, read this. If you need someone who pays attention to detail, read this. If you need someone who is willing to go the extra mile to make sure your business keeps humming smoothly, READ THIS TESTIMONIAL.



“I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how much I appreciate all Dana (name changed for privacy) does for us.


This is the first law firm I have ever worked at where we use virtual assistants instead of having a secretary who is in the same office as me, and I was a little skeptical at first, but Dana has been fantastic.

Dana consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty for me, and I know all of the attorneys here including myself appreciate all that she does for us so much.


Dana has set hours that we know she is logged on and working, but she consistently makes herself available to file pleadings for us when emergencies inevitably arise outside of those hours. I was recently asked to parachute into a case that was nearing trial to assume handling the file that has required some long nights and weekend hours of work, and Dana was even willing to make herself available to file documents for me on a Saturday morning. Even though she was traveling over the holidays, Dana made herself available to file things for us during that busy time of the year as well, which we all appreciated so much.


Dana’s work ethic is tenacious, and I know that because I give her a ton of work on any given week!  I know I can always count on Dana, and that means a tremendous amount in the legal services industry.


Dana is such a valuable asset, and we really could not survive or function without her!!!


–Payton D. Bramlett, Attorney, Georgia“


Wow. Impressive, isn’t it?


Here’s the most important part:


These words about Dana are not an isolated incident. As we check in with our clients we often hear similar comments about the value they are getting from their VA’s. The virtual assistant goes above and beyond. The client truly trusts their VA. The VA has an incredible work ethic. They confirm what we already knew–that virtual culture can streamline a business, make it more efficient, and save money while also allowing for bigger growth and profit.


So if you have been skeptical about just how much a virtual assistant could serve your business without being there in person, please know this: Enough people are using virtual culture now that it’s easy to find solutions to potential problems. Many of the pre-suppositions about virtual work have been disproven. And, most importantly, I encourage you to go back and read Payton’s words again.


“…consistently goes above and beyond…”


“…work ethic is tenacious…”


“…could not survive or function without her…”


The skeptics are changing their tune about virtual assistants. But if you’re still not sure, give us a chance to prove you wrong. We’re certain it’ll be the best gamble you’ll take for your business this year.

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