So… Just What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

“Sooooo, just what can a Virtual Assistant do for my business?”

Here at Cc: My Admin, we get asked a lot about what sorts of things a small business owner like you might use a virtual assistant for. It’s a good question, since a VA is still a new concept to so many of us!

Here are a few of the ways we’ve seen clients use VA’s to grow their businesses:

  • Scheduling and Emails. This is a simple one, but so important. Think about how much time you spend every day checking emails, thinking of how you will respond to emails, and then writing the emails. What about time spent trying to align your calendar with another busy person’s calendar so you can get together? Taking 30 seconds to say “Here’s my assistant’s number—give her a call and she’ll get it set up,” could save you hours, maybe days, over the course of a year. Doesn’t it boggle your mind to think of how much business development you could do in that time? That’s the power of a virtual assistant.
  • Lead Follow Up. Do you feel like you send out the same email, over and over again? Even in template form, it takes up your time. And if you have to customize it, it takes even more. A VA can handle that, focusing on getting every detail right. And if it’s phone follow ups you want, a virtual assistant can be following up on leads while you’re out there creating even more new leads. The cycle increases your productivity exponentially.
  • Social Media and Publicity. Too busy growing your business in person to spend time talking about it online? A VA can make sure your internet presence doesn’t dwindle. From scheduling and posting blog and social media content to podcast bookings, a virtual assistant can keep your online work fresh while you handle the real-life stuff.

These are just a few of the ways we have seen clients grow business by using a virtual assistant. There are many more (you can check out other services here). In this day and age, why limit yourself to only what you can physically do?

Your talent may be endless, but your time is finite. Harnessing the power of a virtual assistant helps small businesses grow. Here’s to you and yours!

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