How it works

Discover Your Pain Points



We listen to you. We discuss the tasks that are holding you back from your professional & personal growth. We partner with you to achieve them.

Services Agreement

After agreeing to scope of work and price rate. Our sales team sends you the services agreement to confirm and sign.

Virtual Assistant Match



Our Virtual Assistants take part in a multi-level screening process, which includes interview, reference check, and experience based simulation test. We then match you to a Virtual Assistant based on your desired tasks for delegation, personality, industry experience, and hourly requirements.

On-Boarding Call

Your Relationship Manager will conduct an on-boarding call with you and your new Virtual Assistant. The purpose of this call is to communicate all the pertinent information your Virtual Assistant will need to begin immediately.

My Admin Guarantee



Virtual Assistants work performance will be closely monitored by your Relationship Manager and be in communication with you that expectations are being met. Your Relationship Manager will be available for any additional services needed or bumps along the road – at no charge to you.