How Fast and How Far Will You Go?

“The speed of the leader is the speed of the team.” John Maxwell


Hand weights. Health food. Gym memberships. Take a look at the ads you see the first week in January and there can be no doubt about it. The New Year is here.

And with it, lots and lots of commitments to improve physical health and nutrition. These are all worthy commitments—most of us in today’s society could stand to improve our health to some degree.

But what about the health of our business? As we flip the calendar and start again, it’s a smart time of year to step back and take an honest assessment of where we are. Because as a business leader, where you are right now, and where you are going in the next 12 months, will directly influence and affect where your business and your team goes, and how you get there.

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John Maxwell is credited with the saying “The speed of the leader is the speed of the team.” Translated? You are the example. How you work and how you approach business is how your team will work and approach your business. Those are big shoes.

Take a look in the mirror…

What’s my speed?

Where can I improve?

What is my team seeing from me?

How can I go faster?

Where do I need traction?

Be honest. Could you be working faster, or harder, or just plain smarter? Have you worked so hard or so inefficiently that you have been forced to slow down? How can that be changed? What needs to improve so you can speed up again, or so I can get more traction?

And, what is your team seeing from you as their leader?

Are they seeing a leader who can’t focus enough to make progress? Are they seeing a leader with amazing ideas but who won’t delegate things that someone else could do? Are they seeing a leader who has tremendous drive but who is suffering from burnout?

The leader’s attitude and the leader’s approach both trickle down. Let’s say that again:

The leader’s attitude and the leader’s approach both trickle down.  

So really, if we move beyond the idea of speed, you can apply the principle to so many—maybe all—other areas.

Consider this, as you look to 2018:

The focus of the leader is the focus of the team.

The optimism of the leader is the optimism of the team.

The vision of the leader is the vision of the team.

The decisiveness of the leader is the decisiveness of the team.

The integrity of the leader is the integrity of the team.

The flexibility of the leader is the flexibility of the team.

The ability of the leader to delegate is the ability of the team to delegate.

The commitment of the leader to growth is the commitment of the team to growth.

Even if you are your only employee, it still holds true. Your business will go where you go. Imagine if, on January 1, 2019, you can look back and say, “Last year, I went fast and hard and smart, and my team followed me. We grew in ways I couldn’t imagine.” Now, how do you get there?

Figure out what speed (or focus, or vision, or commitment, or whatever) you need to work at this year, and you’ll find both your business and your team—current and future– will step up with you. May you speed confidently forward in the new year!

If you already  know that you could go faster this year with a little help, consider hiring a Virtual Assistant. A VA can take time-sucking tasks like accounting, lead follow-up, or social media off your plate. If this can help you work smarter, call us and our free consultation will get you matched with a virtual assistant who can free you up to fly again.


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