Support You Need From a Company that Understands Who You Are

When I was just 11, I picked up the heavy phone in my dad’s office and took a deep breath. “Hello, thanks for calling The Lab, this is Nicole, how may I help you?”

My father was an overwhelmed small business owner, and he needed help, obviously, in whatever form it came. He enlisted me and while his phones got answered, I got the start of a grass-roots education in what I call the “get-it-done” mentality that accompanies small, growing companies. From the day I started answering phones and working for him, I learned intimately the challenges of what it takes to run a small business. For years the struggle stayed the same. He would get focused, offer great service and develop relationships, and his business would grow. Then, however, he’d have to choose: distraction, overcommitment, and stress, or a leap-of-faith hire to get more support?

Of course it always, always paid off to get more help! He could focus again on his passion and talents, and over and over again it helped his business to grow. But pulling the trigger to do it put him in a place of anxiety.

Sound familiar?

As your business grows, it becomes impossible to do it all yourself. You need help, and yet it’s hard to delegate anything that has to do with the business you love, this endeavor that you’ve put so much of your heart into. Can this person do the job as well as I can? Can I trust them? Can I afford this?

Here’s the thing: you need time go do what you love–to serve the people who trust you. Whether it’s going to trial, closing the sale, or developing client or patient relationships, you need to be out there doing the things you do best. You need the freedom of time to do that, but also the peace of mind to do it knowing that your business is being cared for in the meantime.

I get that. In fact, it’s exactly why I started Cc: My Admin. Our team has been built with the goal of supporting business owners–just like what my dad needed but didn’t have. I watched his struggle, so it is near to my heart and drives our service to you. You want staff that will take you further. You need people you can trust, doing quality work. And you deserve excellent service through the whole process. Done and done.

Cc: My Admin is committed to providing you the service you need while reducing your overhead—you only pay for hours completed by your virtual assistant. Your assistant’s workload correlates directly to the current demands for your business. Your assistant is US-based, professionally trained and ready on demand. Best of all, your assistant will adhere to strict standards of diligence, efficiency, and professionalism.

Nothing made my child’s heart swell with pride like seeing my dad’s business grow and succeed. Cc: My Admin came out of those small-business roots. We are happy to be here, so you can be out there.


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