Five Things That Happen When You Decide to Delegate

You’re stressed.


Of course, you love your business and you love the life of the small business owner. But there’s just too much to do. Things have started to fall through the cracks–you’ve missed a deadline or two, you forgot an important date on the family calendar, and you can’t shake that nagging feeling that there’s somewhere else you need to be or something else you need to be doing.


It’s an uncomfortable place to be, and at some point, every small business owner gets there.


That discomfort is a sign that it’s time to delegate. It’s time to put people in place who can help you shoulder the load. And it’s a sign that things are about to get better! Because there are a few things that happen almost immediately when you get to this point. Here are five of them:


Your Brain Fog Lifts

When you have less stuff to do, you have more time to think. To focus. To solve problems. To complete those tasks that you are passionate about. Your anxiety goes down because you aren’t worried about all the balls you may be dropping. Even your body knows it! Having less to do and being able to focus on what really matters will give you an immediate release of major tension. You’ll find your shoulders will drop down from your ears, you will be able to take a full, deep breath, and you may feel yourself smiling a real, genuine smile. You’ll likely even sleep better.

(Sounds good, right? If you want the brain fog gone, here are some things to consider delegating.)

You Make More Money

Know what you get when you are investing in something that has a high-return? That’s right, you get… a higher return. So when you hand off the low-return stuff (emails, social media, bookkeeping, research, you name it), you have the ability to invest even more in the high-return stuff. And by definition, you’ll get a higher return. You’re the only one who can do the high-return stuff as well as you can, so why not do it more and get the benefit of the investment?

Everything Moves Faster

Even when you are the “best” (i.e. fastest, most experienced) person at a particular job, you may be so busy that it actually takes you longer to complete the task. Offloading it onto someone else–even someone less skilled at it–still means it gets done faster. Why? Because it’s actually at the TOP of their to-do list, not buried on yours.

Stuff Gets Done When You’re Not Doing It

Suddenly, the pressure is off you. Now that you are delegating, you can actually take that lunch meeting, reconnect with your family, or pursue that new project. And all the while, the stuff that you used to do is getting done. At the end of the day, your business has accomplished twice as much stuff, and you only had to do part of it. Tomorrow you start over. Over time, you gain major traction in your business, and the only thing you had to do was hand a few tasks over.

You Gain Credibility

When you start to delegate and grow a team, you become something more than you were. No longer are you “just” the guy or gal with the great business idea or the company that’s got potential. Delegating and building a team gives you immediate credibility because suddenly you aren’t just a Do-er of Your Specialty, you are also a Leader of People. You increase your influence and you are seen as much more than just a business owner.


No one can live in that stressful place forever. Something’s got to give. The sooner you decide that the things to go are the little time-sucking tasks that never seem to be done, the sooner you’ll reap all the benefits we just listed (and probably quite a few more). So why wait? Your business wants (and needs) you to make this leap.



P.S. The best way we know of to start delegating is with a virtual assistant. It’s a low-overhead, highly flexible way to get help without going through the time- and money-sucking hiring process. We are ready to match you up now. So when you’re ready to take your business to the next level, call me at (916)-756-5439 or email me and we’ll get someone working for you right away. Talk to you soon.

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