Fast-Track Your Leadership Skills

Small business owner. Entrepreneur. Owner. These are titles you’ve probably become somewhat accustomed to by now.

But if you’ve taken the leap to hiring virtual help, you realize pretty quickly, you’ve taken on a whole new role: leader. And even though you may have just wanted to hire someone to deal with the little things, you’re realizing that if you play things right, they can actually be a vital part of your team and be one of the big things that leads to your success.

And you’re realizing… *gulp*…It’s time to lead.

Leadership is an incredibly important part of owning your own business, and in ensuring that it grows well when the time comes to move forward. But the transition into that new role can be a challenging one. Leaders–even the natural ones–need help. Dealing with different personalities, communicating your ideas and vision well, and setting your expectations may be skills you’ve never developed.

Good news! In the digital age people just like you and our awesome clients are proving you no longer have to have a fancy degree in business to do well in the place you’re carving out in the market! These resources will kick start your business leadership training.

We know you’re short on time. And we know you need to get good at this–fast. So we decided to compile a simple list of great resources that can help you learn what you need to know to get the most out of your new team members. Whether you’re a reader, a listener, or a watcher, here are some great resources that will sharpen your leadership skills in as little as one minute.

3 Easy Articles:

10 Easy Tips to Implement ASAP

…and 8 Big Mistakes to Avoid

5 Core Values to Cultivate in order to Lead Well

3 Great Podcasts:


This podcast will help you grow yourself, your team, and your profits. A must-listen for any small business owner.

Entreleadership Podcast

Tony Robbins

Leadership psychology is what Tony Robbins does–and he does it well. This podcast will leave you inspired and prepared to tackle the complexities of business leadership.

Tony Robbins Podcast

Nice Guys on Business

Both nice AND highly successful, Doug Sandler specializes in making connections, building relationships and strengthening bonds both inside and outside organizations.

Nice Guys on Business Podcast

3 Great YouTubers:

Marie Forleo

Forleo is a thought leader determined to give business owners the why’s AND how’s of an enjoyable life and profitable business. In particular, check out her playlist on how to “Build a Meaningful Business” for great tips on managing people and communicating well.

Robin Sharma

Sharma has sold a load of books and mentored more business leaders than you may care to count. His channel works to lead individuals and teams to bigger and better results.

Dan Martell

Mainly known as a startup guy, Martell also has great info on how to grow teams remotely–from hiring to communication to delegation.

3 Great Books

High-Output Leadership by Andrew S. Grove

A handbook for anyone who wants to organize their work and direct their support staff… but also develop employees beyond their starting roles.

The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups by Daniel Coyle

If you’ve got an assistant, you’ve got a group. And successful groups earn far more money than dysfunctional, or even just lackluster ones. Now is the time to figure out what the culture of your business will look like, and this book can help.

Simply Said: Communicating Better at Work and Beyond by Jay Sullivan

Communication is tough, and communicating across virtual culture is even tougher. If you can see the potential profitability of cultivating a virtual office but also have experienced the pitfalls of trying to get your message across on a screen, this book can help you convey your message clearly so your team member knows exactly what you meant.

Kick start your leadership training and watch your team respond. No matter how small your team is now–even if you’re still considering hiring help– you’ll see results as you step up and go from business owner to business leader. Your business needs you–what are you waiting for?


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