Does a Virtual Assistant Make Sense for a Law Firm?

You’re tired. You glance up from the Excel spreadsheet you’re working on and remember there’s a document comparison waiting, and three return phone calls you need to make. And oh yeah—court is looming, too. These never-ending tasks eat up your hours and, let’s be honest– they aren’t exactly what you signed up for when you walked across the stage to get your J.D.

So whatever happened to helping people, seeking justice, and serving the community? You know—all those reasons you went into law in the first place.

All too often, in a time where more and more lawyers are being relied on to use “convenient” technology to do what is essentially administrative work, you and your team of attorneys are spending more time organizing files and calendars than you are doing the job that you alone are skilled for.

Yes, you can do it yourself… but should you? Let’s face it: lawyers need to be practicing law, not keeping the books. The fast track to an overloaded team, a stalled business, and growing client complaints is to give the wrong people the wrong job.

It’s also expensive! Think about it: on paper, would you pay someone S100,000+ a year to review and edit documents, prepare invoices, or make travel plans? Absolutely not! And yet that’s exactly what too many small firms do when that business gets transferred to you or your team of attorneys.

Take a second and write down what you pay your highest-paid attorney per hour. Now ask yourself: “Would I pay that rate to have someone do client bill coding or maintain our court appearance schedule?”

Of course you wouldn’t!

And that means it’s time to bring in a virtual assistant. A Cc: My Admin VA can handle the tasks that need to be handled at a cost-appropriate rate. Simply put: it’s a much better investment to give the low-paying jobs to a low-cost employee—not to your highly-paid lawyers!

Here’s what you get when you hire a VA:

  • Peace of Mind. Legal VA’s are trained and experienced in preparing correspondence, pleadings, discovery and records requests.
  • Time. A VA excels in the kinds tasks that you didn’t train for, and that take you longer. Our VA’s are available for efficient and professional legal assistance, bookkeeping, or administrative work.
  • Money. A VA doing lower rate work frees up you or other attorneys to get back out there doing the jobs that pull in more clients and more money. Plus, you only pay a VA for the hours they work, so costs get cut all around.
  • Increased productivity. Clear your mind to focus on the jobs you love and are good at, so you do them better.
  • Fewer client complaints. Now you’ll have someone designated to deal with things in a timely fashion. Clients won’t be waiting around for you to get out of court to call someone back or to reply to that email. A VA can give you a reputation for excellent client service that will get you repeat and new business.
  • A staff that likes what they do and wants to do it well. Providing the right resources is crucial to the success of your team. They won’t be overloaded with tasks they aren’t trained for. You’ll see the culture of your company become one that people want to work—and do their best work—for. They’ll stay longer and do better, more meaningful work.
  • More business. With your clients informed, your attorneys organized, and your calendar maintained, you and the attorneys in your firm will be free to focus on billable legal work, maintaining, and attracting new clients.

Get back to doing the meaningful work that you love. Stop paying an astronomical rate to someone who could be out there making you so much more! Your new time- and sanity-saving VA is ready to start working for you today. Contact us today to find out more about how we can get you back to doing what you love.



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