Climb Higher: A Virtual Assistant Agency that Eliminates Risk

In June of 2017, rock climber Alex Honnold became the first person to scale El Capitan without using ropes or other safety gear. His accomplishment has been lauded by climbing enthusiasts as possibly the greatest feat in the history of a sport that is loaded with danger. You see, the iconic wall known as El Capitain is a nearly 3,000-foot granite wall located in Yosemite National Park in California. It’s huge, and it’s dangerous, and it can be deadly.

You might call Honnold brave. You might call him crazy. But it’s pretty safe to say, he’s a risk-taker. One false move and he’d be another adventurer who lost his life trying to prove something. Every climber before Honnold used ropes or other safety gear to climb El Capitain, and there’s a reason: those safety measures vastly reduce the risk of falling and getting hurt.

Sometimes, owning a business feels a lot like climbing El Capitain, doesn’t it? You have huge goals, and dreams just waiting for you to go get them, but you can’t risk losing everything. You know that scaling this mountain of business without at least a few ropes and safety gear isn’t worth it. That’s one reason we wanted to offer you a different system for outsourcing your work.

Simply put, you need more productivity for less money. There are tasks in your business that you can’t do—and it’s okay to admit it! We promise. Those tasks might include graphic design, search engine optimization, podcast bookings, or web content. Then there are the tasks that, frankly, you just don’t want to do: things like inbox and calendar management, social media management, bookkeeping, data entry, customer support and beyond.

Outsourcing is rarely easy for a small business owner—it’s your baby and you want to make sure every detail is done to your specifications, right? And it’s even harder when you consider the risk of spending the money you worked hard to bring in on things that might not bring you a solid return on investment. So it can be scary when a virtual assistant company comes at you wanting you to buy big, expensive blocks of time when you don’t know if the VA is going to give you what you need.

So, we fixed that problem for you. We don’t think you should have to invest in blocks of hours, so we don’t require it. You never lose money on time you didn’t use. Never. You pay only for the hours your virtual assistant worked, and we’ll show you down to the minute what they’ve done to help your business.

Plus, if your virtual assistant is not a good fit for you, we will re-assign free of charge.

You want you to have safety ropes as you scale the mountain before you because we believe your business should thrive and grow. You can outsource your can’t-do’s and don’t-want-to-do’s with zero risk.

Pay only for the hours your VA works. Re-assign if it’s not a good fit. The risk? It’s gone.

Can you close your eyes and see El Capitain before you? It’s an amazing sight. The view from 3,000 feet up has got to be incredible. That’s where you are going–your success is just one, epic, breathtaking climb away. Now strap on your safety harness and get climbing—we’ve got your back.

Ready to grow your business but want to reduce risk? A Cc: My Admin VA is waiting to help you take things to the next level. Your business is too important for you to get bogged down in the details. Whether it’s bookkeeping, inbox management, customer support, social media or more, we’re here so you can be out there. Call us at (916) 756-5439 or email us today for a free consultation, and put your virtual assistant to work, fast!



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