Can Gratitude Grow Business?

The twinkle lights have appeared, Bing Crosby is getting a ton of airplay, and UPS trucks are all over the place delivering package after package. There is no doubt about it: December is here and the winter holidays are upon us. Now is the time where it dawns us, as busy small business owners, that perhaps the holiday cheer should extend to our clients. Yet all too often we suddenly scramble to come up with something. Our holiday client appreciation is often done in a hurry, or maybe even procrastinated to the point that we never actually get around to it.

But if we step back and think about it, this is a time of year where we can really stand out to those we have worked with this year if we just put in a little effort. Here’s why:

First, gratitude in business is important on a strictly human level. The internet and global economy has left most businesses with more competition than anyone ever dreamed possible. Yet your clients chose to work with you this year. Did you deserve it? Absolutely. You’ve worked your tush off. But should you say thanks anyway? Of course! And here’s why:

People want to be seen. Even in business. Maybe, especially in business. “Few things stick in our minds like those moments when we learn that people appreciate our efforts,” says David Horsager, author of The Trust Edge, How Top Leaders Gain Faster Results, Deeper Relationships, and a Stronger Bottom Line. Your clients will remember you if you take just a moment to say “Thanks for choosing us, thanks for being you.” Giving them the gift of being seen is better than anything Santa might bring them this year.

Secondly, recognizing other businesses is just generally good for your business. Would it surprise you to learn that companies that focus on employee recognition are more likely to enjoy strong business results—TWELVE TIMES more likely? It’s true—a study by Bersin & Associates shows that saying “Thank You” in business can directly affect your bottom line

Third, and specific to the holidays: it’s just a good time to reach out. The holidays are a great time to remind your contacts about your business or tell about any new services. First of all, just like you, businesses are in planning mode. That can leave their head swimming—you know the feeling. It’s good to re-emphasize that you are out there to serve them in 2018. And there are definitely ways to do that which aren’t smarmy or overly salesy (in fact, here’s a great list of what NOT to do).

Everyone wants to be remembered. Not just at the holidays, of course, but why NOT at the holidays? Those are real people on the other side of the computer screen, holding the pen and signing that charge slip, or sitting at the closing table. In the coming year they will have more business to give, more referrals to send, and more good things to say about. A simple card or gift can go a long way toward reminding your clients that you appreciate them, and can pay big dividends for you in the next year.

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