7 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Keep Your Resolutions

Early January is an exciting time. The planners are fresh and clean, the year is full of possibility, and nearly all of us have set some big goals for the first quarter and for the year. Many of us make resolutions for both our personal lives and our businesses, and we get jazzed about how much better off we’ll be when we make those important changes.


Then reality sets in. Life happens. By late January the shine of the new year kind of wears off, and it doesn’t feel so new anymore.


The truth about resolutions.


Did you know that four out of five people who made New Year’s resolutions will eventually break them? That’s 80 percent! And a third won’t even make it to the end of January. We all have such good intentions, and we know what needs to change, but we just can’t adjust our behavior accordingly. Why is that? Forty percent of people say the problem is that we just have too much to do. (Source) 

Ah, well that makes sense, doesn’t it? At least it does to us, and it applies just as much to our businesses as it does to our personal lives. It’s hard to get traction on what you want to change in your business when you’re in there doing your business!


There’s one thing we know for sure: if you are running a business, you have too much to do. Without a doubt. And that’s why we feel compelled to tell you that if you have experienced that, or are experiencing it now, it’s time to get some help. We have seen so many business owners actually achieve those elusive goals and resolutions simply by offloading some of their work onto a virtual assistant.

So with that in mind, here are eight ways we’ve seen our virtual assistants help people just like you meet their goals and make lasting change.

Follow Up on Leads.

Are you sick of getting around to following up on leads, only to find that they have already decided to go with someone else who just happened to pick up the phone or answer the email the quickest? A virtual assistant can be standing by to talk to your hottest leads fast, answering their questions and making them understand how much you want to work with them.

Network More.

Tired of going to lame networking events and coming back with, at best, lukewarm leads? While you are working on other critical tasks, a virtual assistant can help you find the best events in your area, the must-attend conferences, and the most targeted opportunities for you to present and get your name out there. Then they can help follow up afterward.

Keep Better Books.

Do you dread tax season? Do you avoid entering expenses and doing other bookkeeping tasks? Would you believe there is someone out there who actually enjoys that, and would do it for you while you’re out pounding the pavement and signing deals? It’s true, and hiring a virtual assistant who’s trained in it will mean you will finally have a solid understanding of what’s really going on with your money, without having to do it yourself.

Be More Active on Social.

Are you a fits-and-spurts social media poster? Do you spend hours trying to dream up and create content, only to find it disappears amidst all the other countless marketing messages people receive? A virtual assistant can keep you looking sharp online. With regular, targeted content, you’ll draw in new business and keep your existing fans up-to-date with all the great things you’re doing this year. And you’ll get those hours back in order to do them!

Communicate More with Clients.

Wish you had time to send client emails with the latest news from your business? Do you leave emails unanswered for far longer than you know you should? A virtual assistant can craft newsletters, answer emails more efficiently, and make phone calls to check in on clients when you have to much other work to tackle.

Spend More Time With Family.

Wait, what? How can a virtual assistant help you have more time with your family? Well, think about it. If you use a VA to do just one of the tasks mentioned above, then your work schedule gets more streamlined and efficient, and your time and mind are both freed up to do other things–like spend time with your family or friends. A VA can also hold you accountable, in a sense, if you have them manage your schedule, letting them know what times you’ve carved out to be with those you love.

Get Healthier.

While you can’t send them to the gym for you, a virtual assistant really can help you get healthier! Want to eat better? They can plan and schedule your grocery pickups or deliveries using services like Kroger Clicklist, Target Pickup, Instacart or Shipt. They can also monitor your gym’s schedule and make sure you get signed up for the spin or yoga class you want. And, if they’re helping you streamline your schedule or taking dreaded tasks off your plate, you might find that you have the time to get more sleep, and that it’s more restful, too.


All too often, we think our resolutions rely strictly on how much WE can do about–how much self-control we can assert to change a behavior. But we’ve seen that the number one thing that makes a difference in achieving goals has to do with the support systems you put in place to help. A virtual assistant is one of the best investments that you can make this year if you want to start building that support and really make a change. What will you have a VA take off your plate so that you can achieve your goals?


The year is still fresh. The calendars are still clean. We’re ready. 2019, let’s do this.


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