42 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Make Your Life Better

‘In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.’ Sid Caeser


Small business owners are a driven bunch. We want to make the most of our time. We want to fix a problem, make a better way, help people. At our hearts, we want to squeeze the most out of life, and do it our way.


But sometimes, we get so involved in the day-to-day tasks we’ve committed to that we forget to enjoy life. Or worse, we forget that it’s even possible to enjoy life. There’s just too much to do, and not enough time.


That’s one of the reasons we’ve embraced–and are promoting–the myriad things we can get done with a virtual assistant. They do the little stuff; we stay focused on the big stuff and the larger picture.


So with that in  mind, here’s a list of 42 ways we’ve found that a virtual assistant can lighten our load, help grow our business, and make our lives a little better, a little more livable, and a LOT more enjoyable.

Marketing help. A virtual assistant can help your online presence tremendously. They can:

1. Write and schedule newsletters.

2. Write and send emails using programs you may not know well, like MailChimp.

3. Maintain your social media presence by posting relevant news and updates on your various channels.

4. Interact with people online.

5. Write blog posts for your website.

Handle communication. A virtual assistant acts as a hedge to those who want constant access to you. They are able to:

6. Sort through and answer emails.

7. Answer and return phone calls.

8. Direct you to the communication you need to handle personally.

9. Prioritize meetings.

Conduct research. Did you know that virtual workers outperform traditional office workers? A VA can get a lot done in a little bit of time and give you a break from your screen. Hand off some computer time to your virtual assistant and they will be able to:

10. Find new prospects and events.

11. Research opportunities for you to contribute to panels.

12. Find websites you can write for in order to increase your visibility.

13. Help book you on podcasts to increase your credibility.

14. Discover trends in your industry you need to be aware of.

15. Research and make online purchases: just tell them what you need.

16. Make cold calls (Enough said!).

Bookkeeping. A VA skilled in this area will save you time and money when tax time rolls around because they can:

17. Make sure your books are up to date.

18. Reconcile your bank account(s).

19. Handle accounts receivable and accounts payable.

20. Manage collections.

21. Work payroll services.

22. Maintain cash flow statements.

23. Manage reporting.

Maintain customer relations. Your customers and clients will know they are important to you when you get your virtual assistant to:

24. Book appointments and meetings.

25. Handle holiday or birthday cards for clients.

26. Send gifts to valued customers.

27. Design, print, and maintain mailings.

Keep you organized.

28. Maintain your schedule.

29. Manage networking time.

30. Plan vacation.

31. Manage data and files.

32. Tag notes.

33. Clean up and organize files.

Make You Look Good. A good support system will help out your image while you do the work only you can. While you are out driving business, your virtual assistant is behind the computer, handling tasks like:

34. Presentation creation.

35. Updating old presentations with new information.

36. Data entry.

Make you smarter/healthier/more up-to-date. A virtual assistant can handle little details that can keep you at the top of your game:

37. Proofread emails/articles/website and social media copy.

38. Type up notes.

39. Keep you up to date on industry, global, or local news.

Keep your family and friends happy. Really—a good virtual assistant can make your off-the-clock time more peaceful, too. Here are a few examples of what they can do:

40. Remind you of things—tell them what could use an extra text or phone call so you don’t forget. Hello, no more missed anniversaries or birthdays!

41. Make your grocery list. Want to try Whole 30 or Keto? A VA can help you make the change while you’re sitting in meetings. It’s help around the house that you don’t have to do.

42. Place your orders for pickup or delivery services like Target, Kroger, or Instacart. Ultimate convenience = more time for you.

Live your life. Grow your business. And enjoy both.


Ready to fast track your productivity? Want to outsource your “can’t-do’s” or “don’t-want-to-do’s” and get back to doing what you love? We can help! Email or call us today at 916-756-5439 for a free consultation and let’s get your virtual assistant working for you!

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